About Us



Independent Publisher, Creative Consultancy, and Open Studio For Artist.

Lovietta Simpkins  Founder | CEO |  Creative Director of Envision & Wonder

      Envision & Wonder started as a dream back in 2012. Back then it was hard to define us. Would we be a publishing company, a collective of creators, or would we become an open studio to educate artists and other like-minded individuals?

      The question was constant, how can you define a creative dream, what can it become?There wasn’t  any amount of research in the world that could formulate a cohesive enough answer that could resolve this.

        So as the Founder I listened to my team, and I put my trust in Art.

 Envision & Wonder is a Chicago-based Independent Publisher and Creative Group.  

         Our mission is to create art in all forms, publish artists, authors, and dreamers and offer services for our communities and businesses with the array of talent that we represent. We Offer Membership to anyone who wants to join our Creative group. We provide Advertising and Marketing Assistance, Creative Services in Art & Design, Social Media Management, Host Events, Plan Launches and offer training.

We publish books but we are also open to film, animation, studio work exhibitions, and other forms of collaboration.

       Our Creative services, assist our clients with their publishing needs from start to finish. However, given that we represent an array of talent we do branch off into providing creative services to communities and businesses, as a means to provide job opportunities for our creative network.

       Envision and Wonder is for artists, authors, the creators, storytellers and the dreamers of our world who aspire to get more out of their careers. We are the people who make art. We live, we love and we create our happiness, given all of the challenges that we face.

     So, let’s Collaborate, make a book, a comic, a short animation or film. As creatives we can develop a new arena for what Illustration can be, because, we create the story. We break barriers, and smash the box that's built around us. We envision, because, our minds eye can see far beyond what is. We wonder, because, the greatness that resides within us all is powered by our dreams manifested.

Lovietta Simpkins

 Founder | CEO | Creative Director